Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The new king of Sydney radio … the rise of crowdsourcing

Ray Hadley the new king of Sydney radio. Did you fell the earth move in the past few hours, if you happen to live in Sydney? Alan Jones is no longer number one. It’s a major shift in Sydney radio ratings — not between stations, but inside 2GB, where relations between some of the on-air staff are often strained.

The man dubbed The Parott has been out-parroted by his clone, Ray Hadley, the morning host at 2GB, who is now number one in the Sydney market according to the second radio ratings survey out this morning. Jones lost a significant 2.8 points to fall to 17.2; Ray Hadley was down less, losing 1.0 to 18.5. That left him ahead of Jones, who had won the first survey with 20.0 to Hardley’s 19.5.

We don’t know about the actual number of listeners, those figures are out later, but the change is sure to raise speculation that Hadley is in line to succeed Jones at breakfast. Jones was off ill (again) for part of the survey (which finished on March 20) and only covered one round of the NRL.

2GB lost 1.1 to 15.5, but remains ahead of ABC 702 followed by 2DayFM. The ABC station moved past 2Day into second spot. The tension around 2GB will increase as a result. Fairfax’s 2UE also lost 1.1 points Monday to Friday, slipping behind MMM in the Sydney market and equal to Mix. They are not the same audience, but it’s a measure of the pressure the station now finds itself under.

In Melbourne, MMM lost share, as did Eddie McGuire and his breakfast team; Gold lost share as did Vega, sorry, Classic Rock. Magic and 3MP also lost listeners. Winners were SEN, 3AW, NOVA (the biggest overall gain in market for the survey) and ABC 774. Fox added 0.4 to 14.1 with Hamish and Andy solid on 21.7, up 0.7. In Brisbane, B105 topped the ratings with 13.5, up 0.1, with Nova second on 12.7, up 0.2. — Glenn Dyer

Here, boy! The Australian gives the Prime Minister more bark than ever before.

Kevin Ruff

Wikileaks: enemy of the state

“In 2008, the U.S. Army Counterintelligence Center prepared a secret report — obtained and posted by WikiLeaks — devoted to this website and detailing, in a section entitled ‘Is it Free Speech or Illegal Speech?’, ways it would seek to destroy the organisation.” — Salon

Journalist of the year: you. Also Twitter. But mostly you

“In 2009, crowdsourced journalism came of age and broke through into the mainstream of journalism… More reporters have started to use a crowdsourced approach to gather information — ignoring the journalistic tradition that an investigation has to be shielded from their competitors.” — The Guardian

Forget the defamation case, just send a bill

“The New York Times just paid $114,000 and apologised to the Singaporean prime minister for possibly implying that he got his job because his dad had the same job. More startling is the news that the New York Times agreed not to imply that in exchange for some unspecified benefit — presumably access to the prime minister.” — Huffington Post

UK papers bait the subscription hook with apps

“Suddenly, everything is new again. Underlining uncertainty and lack of consensus regarding mobile-device monetisation strategy, two newspapers are trying ideas contrary to those for which they’re known…” — The Guardian

Go on, hit him with another 140 characters

“The Business Insider CEO Henry Blodget and Reuters finance blogger Felix Salmon are currently enmeshed in an epic Twitter fight about journalistic ethics.” —  Vanity Fair

The Beaver falls foul of the internet generation

“In recent times the magazine’s attempts to reach a new online audience kept falling foul of spam filters — particularly in schools — because beaver is also a slang term for female genitalia.” — BBC News

Your handy guide to how to be a journalist

“The core of the story is this: child climbs up tree, child climbs down tree, stranger walks up to child, school staff walk up to stranger, stranger walks off, police have a word with stranger… How do you report this? Easy: TEACHERS LEAVE BOY OF 5 STUCK UP A TREE” — Mark Pack
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