Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Crowdsourcing Ideas For Arctic Evenings

As mentioned before in the summary of events for spring 2010, we will be organising three ArcticEvenings this spring. The show will most likely kick off with an ArcticEvening in Helsinki in April followed by ArcticEvenings in Tallinn and Stockholm most probably in May and June respectively. However, this time I thought it would be great to hear your ideas regarding the events and what kind of events you would like to participate this spring.

We’ve previously organised events around themes in all of our venues and this time we want to reach out to you well in advance to crowdsource ideas. Those unaware of our ArcticEvenings concepts, they are usually 3-4 hours long being organised in the evenings from 6pm onwards. We have had panels, interviews, company presentations and pretty much everything in between.

Just to plant some seeds for ideas here are some of the themes we’ve had before:

* Mobile smartphone solutions and trends
* Software growth businesses and how they are built successfully
* Startups and the future of mobile
* Financing startups

So, send us your ideas through the comments below or through the form here. All comments sent through the form will be anonymous, but if you’d like please leave your name so we can thank you for the ideas.
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