Sunday, September 13, 2009

FCC Launches Social Network for ‘Crowd-Sourcing’ Ideas for National Broadband Plan

WASHINGTON, September 11, 2009 – The Federal Communications Commission continues to expand its social networking efforts. On Friday, the agency launched a crowd-sourcing platform, Ideascale, at The Web 2.0 tool allows users to comment on particular points in a national broadband plan, voting items up or down on a rolling scale, or to add new ideas into the mix. As of 12:51 p.m., the top three ideas on the site were “Broadband plan must address needs of people with disabilities;” “Some specific points about accessibility,” including obtaining detailed disability information in surveys and market research activities, and “Data coordination” between the FCC and other government agencies. In a statement, the FCC said that “crowd-sourcing allows the online community to discuss, evaluate and rank ideas. The platform will be especially useful as the Commission develops a National Broadband Plan, which will provide a strategy for reaching all Americans with robust broadband.”
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