Monday, September 21, 2009

Sprowtt Launches Marketplace for Earlier-Stage Investments in Pre-Public Startups

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- 09/21/09 -- Sprowtt unveils plans for an alternative stock exchange that lets people invest directly in high-potential startups and gives access to much needed capital from millions of micro-investors. The company introduced its platform at the TechCrunch50 conference last week. Sprowtt was one of 50 companies hand-selected from more than a 1,000 to launch at TechCrunch50 2009. Sprowtt is making the case for stock offerings of smaller companies. Sprowtt was founded to address the inaccessibility of capital markets for smaller investors and small companies. Increases in cost, compliance, and complexity have nearly shut down the IPO market. For smaller companies, capital markets have been inaccessible for a long time, which is a contributing factor in the IPO crisis. Today, a company typically requires a billion dollar valuation to go public...Sprowtt investments can be as low as five dollars -- the price of a latte. By lowering the investment barrier, this maximizes investor choice and encourages diversification among large and small investors alike.
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