Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tweetdeck will Crowdsource Information Filtering

Tweetdeck, the popular, free Twitter client, is expanding its reach to Facebook and MySpace. The new versions of the desktop and iPhone program let you post to all three networks and read feeds from them, all within the same interface. The big idea here, according to Tweetdeck founder Iain Dodsworth, is to make Tweetdeck a more powerful way to keep up with everything — like a web browser for socially distributed information, be it news, memes, or photos. “Instead of just being a Twitter client, we want to be a new type of browser,” Dodsworth said. “Instead of browsing web pages, we want people to use Tweetdeck to consume all different sources of real-time data… [this] is the first step towards that vision.” In addition to the MySpace and Facebook integration, which worked smoothly when we connected multiple accounts, the new Tweetdeck lets you group Facebook friends into subgroups, so you can follow work friends, personal friends and frenemies in separate columns. (Tweetdeck presents your social media feeds as a series of highly configurable columns — essentially, you get one for each account, group or service.)
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