Wednesday, September 23, 2009

LiveOps Creates a Crowdsourcing API

Last week, LiveOps announced the availability of LiveWork API, which enables companies to integrate existing business workflow applications with LiveWork's virtual workforce platform. Launched in 2009, LiveOps' defines LiveWork is an on-demand service that brings the benefits of crowdsourcing and cloud computing to the world of business process outsourcing...LiveOps' CEO Maynard Webb, as a former president of eBay, is no stranger to helping to create new business models. Liveops has built an on-demand platform that allows companies to venture into crowdsourcing without building their own infrastructure. With LiveWork service, LiveOps is making its on-demand platform, initially designed to handle contact center interactions, available for additional types of work. The platform enables companies to outsource high-volume, repetitive tasks to virtual teams of freelancers.
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